Year Two (Would it Be Okay to Love You?, #4) Amy Tasukada Author

Year Two (Would it Be Okay to Love You?, #4) Amy Tasukada Author
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An ex-playboy. A robot geek. Can their love last when the whole world finds out?Robot fanboy Sato has spent too much time alone hiding the love of his life. But when Sato comes out to his parents, it doesn’t end well. He no longer wants to conceal their relationship, but he doubts his boyfriend is ready.Aoi might spend all day moaning as an erotic voice actor, but he doubts his legion of fangirls will approve if he comes out. With his career on the line, Aoi feels like Sato has pushed him to the breaking point.As Sato opens up to more people about his sexuality, can they find a compromise that will make them both happy, or will it be too much for Aoi?Year Two is the fourth book in the gay romance series Would It Be Okay to Love You? If you like Japanese culture and sizzling romance, you’ll love this year-in-the-life anthology collection.Buy Year Two to confess your love today!