Yoga Reiki Art Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala Metaphysical Healing Rainbow Watercolor Sacred Geometry Meditation Print Lotus

Yoga Reiki Art Solar Plexus Chakra Mandala Metaphysical Healing Rainbow Watercolor Sacred Geometry Meditation Print Lotus
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Chakra painting, Meditation art, Healing Art, YOGA Wall Art, Yoga Art, Yoga Posters, Lotus Flower Art, Buddha Art, Om Symbol Painting, Yoga Studio Art, Yoga Art Print, Relaxing Art - SOLAR PLExUS CHAKRA / i do - These CHAKRA Posters were specially designed after studying Reiki & other healing methods myself for few years now. Each chakra is designed with intensions of well being & love acquired through my meditation practice. Solar Plexus Chakra: “Manipura” Location: Between navel & base of sternum Color: Yellow, Element: Fire Mantra: Ram Meditation: I do Affirmations: I move toward my goals smoothly & enjoyably. I fully step into my power & use it in service of love & light. Related to: Power, will, & action Asana: Sun salutations, warriors, eagle, crow, boat, bow, revolved triangle, pyramid, twists & core strength Breath: Breath of fire There is a whole series of 7 chakras AVAILABLE. . Pleasing watercolors will instantly calm you. . Natural colors, texture & grounding images will add the meditative & healing vibrations to any room or yoga studio. . The image is calming, soothing & magically & inspiring. Helps strengthening control of mind over Body. It will add an healing feel to any room or space, you can also pass this good vibe as a gift. - PRINT ► HIGH QUALITY PRINTS- Our prints are NOT LASER print. They are professionally printed on heavy acid free paper with premium Archival pigments which do not fade or yellow with print longevity is up to 100 years in typical home display. ►Printed on a luxurious, smooth bright white, archival quality, acid & lignin-free natural white matte paper ►Brighter highlights & bold colors for maximum impact, high-contrast. PLEASE NOTE - ►Frame & matting is not included. ►Our prints are offered in dimensions compatible with readily available standard-size frames, with or without mats. ►All prints available in our shop should fit easily, with minimal trimming, into frames from retailers such as IKEA. ►We try our best to represent the colors as accurately as possible, but please still be aware of color variances between web & print & from monitor to monitor. - SHIPPING - ► Prints larger than 13x19 will be shipped in 1-2 weeks from the date of payment. ► Prints under 13x19 size will be shipped within 1-3 business days from receipt of payment. ► Print is enclosed in an acid-free cellophane sleeve to protect the print. ► Print will also be secured with a sturdy hard backing for extra protection. ► Shipped flat in a waterproof envelope. ► Prints larger than 11x14 inches will be rolled in poster tube. ► USPS First Class or Flat rate Priority Mail for shipping . - SHOP SECTIONS - MAPS & CITY PHOTOGRAPHY INSTANT DOWNLOAD MODERN