200 Fat-Free Recipes: Delicious, Healthy Eating Anne Sheasby Editor

200 Fat-Free Recipes: Delicious, Healthy Eating Anne Sheasby Editor
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This collection proves that reducing the fat in your food can be easy to cook and tasty to eat, and that reducing the fat doesn’t mean you have to radically change your eating habits. All the recipes in this book are low in fat; none has more than 5 grams per portion and many have less than 1 gram, and each has a nutritional breakdown. The chapters contain just about every kind of dish you need, from soups and appetizers to desserts and bakes, with everything in between. Lavishly illustrated, this is the essential book for people who want to reduce fat in their diet, maximize their nutrition, and treat their family and friends to mouth-watering, healthy meals. A step-by-step collection of no-fat and low-fat recipes for every-day eating and a healthy lifestyle, this essential guide to low-fat cooking includes healthy eating guidelines, fat-free cooking techniques, fat content charts, and nutritional breakdowns for every dish. The tempting, taste-packed chapters include hearty soups, appetizers and snacks, saucy pasta dishes, fabulous fish and seafood, and meat and vegetarian main courses – you will discover deceptively rich-looking desserts, including lovely hot crumbles, fruit-filled pancakes, superb soufflés and sorbets, as well as a bountiful array of breads, cakes and cookies.