2013 Life Code #2: Durga SWAMI RAM CHARRAN Author

2013 Life Code #2: Durga SWAMI RAM CHARRAN Author
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This book is for you if you were born on: Jan 01,10,19,28;Feb 09,18,27;Mar 08,17,26;Apr 07,16,25;May 06,15,24;Jun 05,14,23;Jul 04,13,22,31; Aug 03,12,21,30; Sep 02,11,20,29-;Oct 01,10-,19,28;Nov 09, 18,27;Dec 08,17,26. Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, everyone has a Life Code that comprises his or her equation of life. Nine codes connect us to one another in different ways. While there are the spiritual and scientific laws that question our existence, there are universal codes that can answer our inquiries. When you know these codes, they result in powerful knowledge that can guide our lives to success, peace and prosperity.