25 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Right Now Bill Chandler Author

25 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Right Now Bill Chandler Author
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For over 17 years 25 Things You Can Do To Feel Better Right Now has graced book shelves and nightstands around the world. The third edition of this bestselling classic is now available on Nook.“25 Things you can do right now shares the keys to having, right now, the one thing we are all seeking, to feel better. With insightful stories and practical ideas, Bill brings the age old system of feeling better into our time in a way that anyone can do right now.”A lighthearted, inspirational and positively irresistible approach to enhancing the quality of your life and enriching the lives of those around you. A delightful blend of humor and thought-provoking stories sprinkled with common-sense wisdom that will change your life – right now! Originally published in 1993, this Northwest best-seller has now been enhancing our lives for over 17 years.“Everything we do is in an effort to make us feel better. No exceptions. This may seem like a trivial self-centered thing to spend our precious lifetime doing, but it is actually our one and only purpose for being here. We adhere to all religion, all psychology, and all theology in an effort to help us in this endeavor.”If you want to feel better now and forever, read Bill Chandler’s great book, 25 Things You Can Do To Feel Even Better Right Now. Bill has put into writing the music that James Brown sang to us years ago– ‘I Feel Good.’ If you want to feel good permanently, read, and then do the 25 recommended steps that Bill has put together. He is a multi-talented guy that wrote this book that will wake you up to your own possibilities of how to feel good–now and into forever. Read this book and enjoy every moment.”~ Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author of the #1 New York Times Best-selling series, “Chicken Soup for the Soul““25 Things You Can Do To Feel Even Better Right Now is filled with perfect, simple messages containing the truth for us all – a great book!”~ Louise Hay, Best Selling Author “You Can Heal Your Life““This amazingly interesting book is a joy to read! I have been recommending it to my patients and to the listeners on my radio show.”~ Harvey L. Rubin, MD, Clinical Professor, Yale Medical School, Host, TST Radio Network“The bottom line – great stories you’ll wish you’d heard years ago. The most fun I’ve had reading in a long time.”~ James J. McCarthy, author “The Pocket Guide to Great Relationships““This book is packed with insight, humor and 25 of the best stories I have ever read. I laughed and cried and read all night.”~ Jennifer Jones, author “50 Ways To Tell if Your Guy’s a Jerk““A thoroughly enjoyable book touched with lightness and warmth that helps us examine self in an easy, honest, non-judgmental manner.”~ Janet Dian, author, “In Search of Yourself series“