A Hairy Tail 3 Jamie Campbell Author

A Hairy Tail 3 Jamie Campbell Author
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Please note: this is a novelette. Short fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full length novel.In the third installment of the Hairy Tails series, the Mapleton Animal Shelter is under threat of closure. Needing some serious cash, they must set their sights on fundraising.Joined at the shelter by new volunteer Jessie, who has eyes for Harry, Hannah is plunged into a crazy world of jealously. She either has to fight for her beau or let Jessie win. And Hannah hates losing.Fighting for the future of the rescue animals, Hannah is challenged in ways she could never have planned for. Can they keep the shelter open? Or will she lose everything, including her first love?A moving tale that will have your ears pricked up and belly scratching until the end.Also available:A Hairy TailA Hairy Tail 2A Hairy Tail 4A Hairy Tail CollectionAnother Hairy Tail