Conversational Selling Joseph Campbell Author

Conversational Selling Joseph Campbell Author
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Understanding the F.O.R.D. framework should be mandatory reading for all aspiring salespeople. Remember a salesperson’s primary goal is to connect with the customer, build rapport and make the sale. Yet this is easier said than done as what is the best way to create a driving conversation while letting the customer do the talking? The answer is conversational selling using the F.O.R.D. framework, a proven method for developing engaging conversation as well as building quick customer rapport.This method provides two distinct benefits, first is the customer feels genuinely listened to (in a world where, sadly, individuals appear to matter very little to most sales people). With only a small amount of input here and there from the salesperson, they are quickly able to break down the barriers, and build rapport with the customer revealing a very human element in the process. The fact is, with all in-person sales scenarios, a person buys with their heart as well as their mind. The product could be perfect, but without something that tugs at their emotions to buy this now, the sale could easily be lost. This book serves as a guide to tugging at those heartstrings, building rapport and securing the sale! Don’t let another sale pass you by, see how Conversational Selling can help you to up your game today!