A New England Lobster Tale: Growing up with Homarus Americanus Russ James Author

A New England Lobster Tale: Growing up with Homarus Americanus Russ James Author
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An autobiographical story of growing up with lobsters in a small New England town. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the American Lobster. Filled with 170 unique high-resolution photo images of native New England marine sea life and lobsters in all stages of life & death. Includes detailed accounts of topwater lobstering procedures and the many things that could go wrong. Also underwater SCUBA diving observations of lobsters, down on the bottom where they live. Dive into the murky New England seawater at night, and look through a divers’ mask to see a priceless gift, a lobster. The story of the first ill-fated attempt to transport New England lobsters overland to California in 1873. The year after, it was tried again, a bust! Instructional views of the lobster; boy or girl? What a lobster eats, how he selects a mate, shell disease, epimorphic regeneration of new parts, and everything else they do when we aren’t looking. A section on the Florida spiny vs the New England clawed lobster; which tastes better? Photos comparing each, side by side. And a no-nonsense blind taste test conducted on exactly which tastes more lobstery. Take a stop on Route #1 in Wiscasset Maine at Red’s Eats. It tells a story of the best lobster roll around, in the writers’ opinion, and photos of the reasons why! The Maine Lobster Festival, an expose of an affair that’s everything LOBSTER. Included are photos of the largest lobster cooker in the world, the fair grounds, and a personal story from the 2011 Lobster Festival Cooking Contest. Photos and a story of the winning recipe is included described as, The best seafood I ever ate Have you ever wondered if it were possible to setup a lobster aquarium in your own home? Well it is possible, and this book shows you exactly how to do it, from one who’s done it for years. Includes his notes, photos, observations, setbacks, and triumphs. You’ll also find little known historical facts including insightful details about the 1999 Long Island Sound lobster die-off mortality event. What caused it, and can it happen again? Also a futuristic view of the lobsters in days to come. This book details many interesting personal accounts and encounters with lobsters at the bottom, where they live. A Connecticut Yankee who’d spent over 50 years with New England lobsters in some form or another tells this story. Where they came from 511 million years ago, up until today, and where they might be tomorrow. Lastly, read about Noofie, an 8-pound American lobster from the deep waters of the Canadian Maritimes. He lived with the author for about a year. In that time, he showed the author things that he could never have imagined. You’ll read about this incredible story, one that has a surprise ending. One reader’s quote: Wow! I’m not the best with words but after reading your book, this is what comes to mind: Entertaining and fun while being educational and making you reflect on life. Awesome job, Thank you!