A Southern Boy's Meanderings: Poetry GC Smith Author

A Southern Boy's Meanderings: Poetry GC Smith Author
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We Southern guys love the ladies and we love to eat and to watch the world go by. Sometimes we love the Southern climate, sometimes that climate scares hell out of us. And there’s the flora and fauna of the South , so no, we can’t forget the blooms and critters and there are a few of ’em scattered in the poems in this little book In all 34 poems reflect what I, and I believe other Southerners, love and are good for us fill these few pages. The poems are my stuff, written by a guy and sometimes a naughty word creeps in. All of the poems have a Southern flavor. I’m truly hoping not only the guys but the ladies will like my stuff. The ladies may skip the naughty words. Or, they may enjoy them. Some of these poems were previously published and a few were also reprinted in Quiction where I was a weekly contributor. Poem titles and the publications where my work were originally found are as follows. Hummingbird, Cardinal, Snowy Egret, Circles and Cycles, A Benign Blue Sky, Lowcountry Threads, Fishin’ In The Gulf Stream, and Southern Boy were first published in Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Outside My Door, Another Skin and A Seafood Boil were in Southern Hum. Separation and Reunion and Stuff Makes Me Cold, Me and Myself Again, and A Frogmore Stew were in Gator Springs Gazette. Bogalusa Blues, On the Corner of Religion and Jazz, Wanderlust, and Cajun Solution were first published in Quiction. Vile Beauties was in Cellar Door. Louisiana first appeared in Flush Fiction Magazine. The remaining poems are published here for the first time.