A Woman of the Road AMY WOLF Author

A Woman of the Road AMY WOLF Author
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She yearned for freedom. But will holding up coaches bring more than she can handle?England, 1665. Margaret “Megs” Tanner can’t wait to leave her past behind. Escaping her abusive father and a vile arranged marriage, she flees her sleazy inn and sets out for adventure. But the treacherous countryside is no place for a woman, so Megs swaps her skirts for men’s clothing and joins a notorious band of brigands.Learning to fight with both sword and pistol, she bests any rival while suppressing budding feelings for a thieving companion. But After she’s put to the test and robs the queen’s carriage, she unearths a royal secret that could lead England to ruin. And now to save herself, she’ll have to turn spy and keep her country from the enemy’s clutches…Can the daring highwaywoman change her country’s fortunes around with one slice from her sword?A Woman of the Road is the first book in the rollicking Honest Thieves historical fiction trilogy. If you like fearless women, page-turning tension, and revisiting real-world events, then you’ll love Amy Wolf’s fast-paced tale.