According to [[You]] We're {Definable} Amy Tuso Author

According to [[You]] We're {Definable} Amy Tuso Author
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Zoe is honest, direct, strong and stubborn, but most of all she is real. She is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t try to be what she isn’t. As a high school junior, this isn’t always an asset. She is surrounded by pom-pom waiving friends who are the “ideal” high school girls, and guys who value bodies more than brains. So, rather than being the one that makes sense, she often feels like the crazy one as she looks around and is in direct contrast to what’s expected.Zoe prefers little drama and even less emotional upheaval in her life. Her girlfriends thrive on drama and create emotional upheaval whenever possible. Zoe finds herself in the middle of an irrational crush while trying to help her friend and sooth her own pride after a surprising break-up. Zoe’s normal, cool, calm demeanor is shaken as her emotions are brutalized; her take charge personality must be reigned in to save a friend from herself. Though good may always win, a battle is never without scars and some scars change who we are, forever.