Aging With Humor and Grace: A Hilarious Woman's Guide Using Funny Stories and Embarrassing Moments as Milestones in Life's Journey Andrea Partee Autho

Aging With Humor and Grace: A Hilarious Woman's Guide Using Funny Stories and Embarrassing Moments as Milestones in Life's Journey Andrea Partee Autho
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In the first of Partee’s funny books for women, the award winning Aging with Humor and Grace may just be a cross between Erma Bombeck and Chicken Soup for the Soul. This humorous book isn’t just about aging, it’s about living life. Partee’s entertaining anecdotes will make you laugh whether she’s describing the application of eye makeup with glasses on or what to do with your extra chin. Her funny stories include how to conquer restless leg syndrome; the drawback of starting an exercise program after a ten year hiatus and admitting to ridiculous fears and phobias. While written especially for middle aged women, it’s not just about new wrinkles. It’s about family and relationships as well. You’ll find funny short stories about parenting, family life and the drawback of raising kids to be honest. And embarrassing moments abound whether she’s falling off her high heels in front of her ex-husband’s wife, discovering hair growing in the wrong places or sharing the tough way she lost 40 pounds. Andrea’s authentic, honest and hilarious sense of humor is like listening to your best friend (or wishing you had one like this) over a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen or a glass of wine outside on a summer evening. More Rave Reviews… ~ A great work of fiction. –An ex husband ~ This is a book everyone should buy. - -Her creditors ~ Filled with funny stories, I wish she’d had this sense of humor when I raised the rent. –Her landlord ~ I especially enjoyed the section on eyesight and the stupidity of texting while driving. – Used car salesman ~ With a sense of humor all her own, this funny lady may be just what you need to laugh out loud. –Anonymous Readers Favorite Says… If you are looking for an inspirational book about gracefully coping with the less than appealing aspects of aging, Andrea Partee’s Aging with Humor and Grace isn’t that tale. Instead Partee provides hilarious insight into the pitfalls of aging in a self-deprecating way to which we can all relate…or will eventually be able to relate. You don’t have to be a woman of a certain age to enjoy her witty, and often embarrassing take on wayward hair growth, bodily functions, pregnancy and child-rearing among dozens of other frighteningly funny topics. Partee’s book is aptly named because she deals with embarrassment, insecurity and tragedy with both humor and grace. Subtly touting the grace that comes from the ability to laugh at oneself, Aging with Humor and Grace is a refreshing take on a genre typically focused on how to reverse the clock and make your fifty year old bum look twenty again. Written in a fast-paced, acerbic manner, this book allows women to laugh about the inevitability of aging in an effort to accept what comes. Instead of pretending as though she has found the secret to aging gracefully, Partee simply provides her funny take on the things we are often afraid to talk about in public. When the time comes for you to cope with the hazards of aging, skip the self-help section and pass by the plastic surgeon’s guide to aging gracefully and go straight to the humor section where Partee will happily guide you down the road to aging gracefully and hilariously. - - Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite Scroll up and click the look inside feature or buy this treasure now.