Air Fryer Cooking: How to Create Great Meals With Your Air Fryer R. L. Elliott Author

Air Fryer Cooking: How to Create Great Meals With Your Air Fryer R. L. Elliott Author
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Do you really want to know how to use your air fryer to almost replace your oven?If you think that air fryers are great for only cooking foods from frozen that are designed to be fried such as french fries, breaded chicken and breaded seafood well, you’re wrong. The air fryer has grown in popularity and will soon be a primary appliance in every home. We will depend on it just as we do the microwave today.An air fryer is not just good for cooking frozen foods and crispy snacks, it can also cook just about anything that your regular oven can cook and this book will prove it. From Chicken Wings to Eggs Foo Yung you will learn to get the best out of your air fryer. Food cooked in an air fryer is healthier than that cooked in a deep fryer for many reasons. Instead of cooking in a great amount of grease or oil, air fried foods are cooked with very little oil. Although many people enjoy the taste of french fries or fried chicken research links the oils used to deep fry these foods to health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Deep frying oil is often re-used although I would not recommend that especially if there is a lot of food particles floating around in it but, you have no control over that if it’s take-out.You’ll find that air fried foods are usually 25 to 40% less in calories. Take a look at the air fryer vs deep fryer Calorie Comparison Chart that’s at the end of the recipes. In this book we offer different homemade alternatives to the canned or pre-packaged cooking sprays. You will be able to find these recipes in the section of the book called oil spritz recipes. These are very simple and easy to follow recipes that will allow you to create your own cooking spray that will spray out of almost any food-safe plastic or glass spray bottle.I have used cooking sprays in the past, as a matter of fact I used to depend on them, until I took a careful look at the ingredients. I cover this in the cooking spray area of the book.While most air fryer’s have many presets to help you along the way, we have supplied you with an Air Fryer Cooking Chart (with over 110 items listed) to further assist you with proper cooking times.