Alien Mysteries Collection: The Complete Series Scott Michael Decker Author

Alien Mysteries Collection: The Complete Series Scott Michael Decker Author
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A collection of three science fiction novels by Scott Michael Decker, now in one volume! Edifice Abandoned: Studying ancient sites on a backwater planet, Archaeologist Nosuma Okande finds more of them than The Institute has on record. On her first day, she digs up an odd statuette. After receiving death threats, the Institute sends Nosuma to another excavation site. Later the same night, she stumbles upon a strange ceremony in the village square. Undeterred, Nosuma decides to unearth the mysteries the planet holds. But can she untangle the enigmatic past of an Edifice Abandoned? Glad You’re Born: After growing up on a planet occupied by indigenous alien moss, Allison Strange finds herself in the middle of a power struggle: the shrinking moss supply is threatening the planet’s clone production industry. In the middle of increasing clone unrest, Allison discovers alarming evidence about her birth, and begins to question her whole existence. Is it any wonder that Allison Strange is glad you’re born? Drink The Water: On a distant planet, xenobiologist Janine Meriwether finds herself haunted by a recurring dream: being dragged to her death by the Nartressan seaweed. Soon, she learns of three others - a traumatized emergency responder, a troubled seafood mogul and a high-priced escort - who share the same nightmare. When they begin to investigate the origin of their dream, they discover an abandoned underground research station, and set on a mission to unlock the terrible secrets hidden in the age-old facility.