Allies and Enemies: Empire Amy J. Murphy Author

Allies and Enemies: Empire Amy J. Murphy Author
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This is her chance at revenge. Something as trivial as overthrowing a government won’t stop her.Sela Tyron’s discovery of a secret Ironvale Guild weapon project masterminded by the power-hungry Chancellor Okane also exposes harsh truths: The Poisoncry acolyte, Fisk, is still alive and her partner, Jon Veradin, is the reason why. Where Sela sees an opportunity for revenge, Jon has different plans. Tapped as the successor to the Ironvale Guild Master, he needs Sela’s help to thwart Okane from assuming control. If they don’t stop Okane, the Reaches will suffer. But can Sela forgive Jon and set aside her quest for revenge?Meanwhile, the sentient Resurrection ship, Vo, has transformed the paradise of Narasmina into a hellish landscape. Desperate to rescue her daughter, Erelah Veradin and the officious Ironvale diplomat, Saito Koide, struggle to cross a ruined city filled with strange biomechanoid creations. Just as things seem their darkest, old allies, Rachel Northway and Maeve arrive to lend a hand. Together, will they be enough to defeat Vo and rescue Erelah’s family?Allies and Enemies: Empire, Book 5 picks up right after the events of Allies and Enemies: Legacy in this space opera adventure with a heavy military sci-fi influence.