Allies and Enemies: Legacy Amy J. Murphy Author

Allies and Enemies: Legacy Amy J. Murphy Author
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Brand: Amy J. Murphy
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Forgive? Forget? Never.Six years have passed since the Guilds War ravaged the Reaches. Life has moved on for everyone except soldier-turned-bounty-hunter, Sela Tyron. Driven by revenge, she seeks to eradicate all traces of the bloodthirsty Poisoncry Guild that once held her prisoner. When her partner draws her into a deadly conspiracy, Sela faces a choice: Complete her quest for vengeance. Or thwart a brutal tyrant determined to conquer all.Former engineer of the mighty space fleets of Ironvale, Erelah Veradin only wants to raise her gifted daughter in safety. When a mysterious alien entity threatens her home, Erelah teams up with a man from her past with an agenda of his own to rescue her child.Allies and Enemies: Legacy is the fourth book in this best-selling space opera, science fiction adventure series named a Dragon Award Finalist for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel 2016 and 2017.