Another Hairy Tail 2 Jamie Campbell Author

Another Hairy Tail 2 Jamie Campbell Author
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Please note: this is a novelette. Short fiction is a fun and quick read, not a full length novel.There is excitement brewing at the Mapleton Regional Zoo with the arrival of an endangered panda bear. It can only mean one thing: Logan and Hannah are tasked with the animal’s care and must work as a team.With Hannah and Logan spending so much time together, Harry starts to realize he will need to fight for his girl’s heart.What will Hannah’s decision be? To follow her heart with her first love, or fall under the zookeeper’s spell? Only the animals know and they aren’t talking.Cuteness and fluffiness abound in the second installment of the new series based on the original Hairy Tails.Also in the series:A Hairy TailA Hairy Tail 2A Hairy Tail 3A Hairy Tail 4A Hairy Tail Collection (All 4 stories in one place)Another Hairy TailAnother Hairy Tail 2