Antisocial Bradley Campbell Author

Antisocial Bradley Campbell Author
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Brand: Bradley Campbell
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New York City Detective Tristan Andretti crosses swords with deadly enemies in thehardest puzzle of his career.With a beautiful fiancée and a promising, lucrative career in law enforcement, Detective Tristin Andretti was living the American dream. But like all dreams, it will come to end sooner or later. Only in his case, it ended in a nightmare when the unexpected happened, and he lost it all when a horrifying act of violence compels him to leave the force with an ashy, bitter taste in his mouth.With his life crashing down around him, Tristin finds himself distracted both by his new client, Lucia Trenta—a spoiled, up-and-coming pop star with a skewed, narcissistic view of the world—and a dangerous situation that puts her life in danger.