California On Horseback (Graham Series, #1) Tammy Godfrey Author

California On Horseback (Graham Series, #1) Tammy Godfrey Author
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Scarlett Graham could think of a million better ways to start her summer vacation; sprawled out in the backseat of a minivan wasn’t one of them. To make matters worse, listening to her father singing along with every classic rock song while her Uncle Max and my mom joining in all the time. When they were not singing, Uncle Max and mom were aimlessly chatting with Beth, giving her a headache that would never end. Of all the places to take a family vacation. Scarlett’s parents chose a Dude Ranch in the middle of nowhere, Montana. They had noted excitedly, We’d be able to ride horses and learn how to square dance. How thrilling. Not! Her little brother Rhett stayed behind with another Aunt and Uncle to work on a lame school project. Lucky him. While Beth, my boy crazy cousin, replaced him.Fate, or perhaps the devil, comes to Scarlett’s rescue when she meets Ephraim Carson, the adopted son of the Sanderson owners of the ranch and Scarlett’s first crush ever.Even though Scarlett’s parents set rules that Scarlett and Ephraim follow, Uncle Max is having a problem with her being interested in boys. Can Scarlett survive her family vacation?