Avishesh-Vishesh Advait Rati Ram Sharma Author

Avishesh-Vishesh Advait Rati Ram Sharma Author
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This book unifies Science (Physics & Cosmology) with vedantic advait (monism) philosophies in a mutually consistent ‘Science=Philosophy Symbiosis’ with a paradigm shift in both. Science supports existence of all-composing and all-pervading chetan Paramatma God, Avishesh Brahm. Jagat (universe) is not unreal mithya like the snake in a rope during dark but very much real with all sorts of motions and changes mediated by three gunas (sat, raj, tam). It is created from the Vishesh Brahm, which generates from a fraction of the motionless, changeless, inactive Avishesh Brahm. Avishesh-Vishesh Advait presents a unique and novel science philosophy to review the Sankhya and Shankaracharya’s philosophies. The book has a lot for the serious reader. By scientific definition an ’element’, as our ‘positrino’ or ’negatrino’ is itself non-composite but composes others. Every one of five ’elements’: earth, water, agni, vayu, akash described in Shankaracharya’s Tattwa Bodh is composed by all five hence none is an element.