Awakening the Genesis Within Michael R. Smith Author

Awakening the Genesis Within Michael R. Smith Author
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In the Book Awakening the Genesis Within, spiritual mediums LD Porter & Dr. Michael R. Smith have dutifully transcribed the dialogues resulting from two years of spiritual channeling sessions. Filled with dynamic new insights and revealing new discoveries, you will discover how to harness your own spiritual powers to originate an authentic new reality. Join in this extraordinary conversation with practical, down-to-Earth, and often humorous wisdom about how to use your powers of intention to realize and evolve the life you desire. YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: * Astral travel to stars, galaxies, & beyond. * Create a psychic stethoscope to amplify the power of your thoughts. * Learn to heal others with mental thought. * Tap your powers of empathy for healing. * Understand corrective universes and why karma may not be what you think. * Travel into fantastic new realms such as Timeinal and pyramanoids * Practice a spiritual alternative to psychology to understand human behavior * Understand the future New Earth. Bestselling authors like psychic Sonia Choquette and ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul series’ author Debra Poneman have been raving about the authors’ work. After reading the profound discoveries contained in this book, you’ll understand why.