Bahama Love Khara Campbell Author

Bahama Love Khara Campbell Author
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Brand: Khara Campbell
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Money can’t buy him love, and trust is worth more to her than what is in his bank account.American-Bahamian Nathan Cooper, family owns a multi-billion dollar International resort company. However Nathan had learned early on – more money equals more problems. Especially problems in relationships. The women are only looking at his dollar signs instead of wanting to truly get to know him. This here lines his major trust issue.Riley Clark, young, career-driven, Bahamian, bank manager has concerns of her own when it comes to finding the one. She needs to have trust before she could allow her heart to fall in love. It’s a rule she stands by along with another rule to help guard her heart and mind from being hurt.Can these two overcome their issues to allow one another completely into their lives, especially with outside forces adding fuel to the fire?