The Shepherd Bill Campbell Author

The Shepherd Bill Campbell Author
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The Shepherd … by Bill CampbellThe spontaneity, and presence, of God’s Spirit in “our lives” is the only Gospel … that is respected in this book.Our traditions … may have robbed us of the “Gospel of Light”: the Spiritual relationship … that Jesus,and the apostles of the early church, spoke of.(St. John chs.14,15,16)Introductions to some new understandings are brought out for those who are seeking “God’s life”, as they are encouraged to become acquainted with … the “Spirit of Truth”.The suggestion in the Review pages of this book … is that you might “hear” what the Spirit is saying, and diligently make it your own, that you might bring forth good fruit unto the glory of the Father.(St. Luke ch.8)You are in for a treat … as you discover who the real Shepherd is.Chapters …1. The Shepherd 2. The Prophet 3. The Word 4. The Light 5. The Priest 6. The Steward 7. The Revelation 8. The Message 9. The Ministry 10. and Being 11. and Prophecy 12. and DoingYou will not be disappointed. This is a great resource for Self-Help, and for those who are feeling the call to Spiritual Leadership. You will want to encourage others to have a look as well.