Bahamas: The Official Travel Guide United City Travel Guides Author

Bahamas: The Official Travel Guide United City Travel Guides Author
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In the Bahamas: The Official Travel Guide, you will get the most relevant advice on your visit to the Bahamas Islands. Besides the glorious sandy beaches that the Bahamas is known for, the country has a lot more to offer. So if you are planning to visit the island, you will need to have the inside scoop on the lay of the land to enjoy your time in the icon Bahamas archipelago fully. Get ready to learn about the history of the Bahamas, from the Lucayan and the Arawak people who were the first occupants of the islands to the age of the pirates and the current state of the country today. You’ll also learn about the climate of the islands and how to avoid the hurricanes and storms brought about by north winds blowing in the Gulf Stream Ocean currents. Vibrant photos and maps are also included to immerse you into the island and give you a sense of familiarity before you get to the island. Some popular phrases are also featured in this guide to help you communicate effectively with the locals during your time on the islands. Some of the interesting things you will learn include but are not limited to the following: • The Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island - This is one of the must-visit resorts. It has a 141-acre water park that features over 20 swimming pools, high-speed water slides, one of the longest slow rivers on the globe and a giant-sized aquarium-open-pool hybrid with live sharks. • What to eat and where to eat - prepare to eat a ton of seafood on the island. Make sure to try out Conch which is the staple food on the island and also be sure to check out Fish Fry which is a chain of open-air restaurants in the Bahamas that serve some of the best seafood. • The Junkanoo Festival - If you’ll be on the island around Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, be sure to take part in the Junkanoo carnival celebrations which are breathtaking. Tourists and locals get into the spirit of the festival by wearing specially designed attire and meet in the town center streets of Nassau to celebrate with dance and music. • The pristine sandy beaches of the Bahamas - The best of them is the Exuma Cay Land & Sea Park which is a national preserve park. The beach sand here is bone white while the waters here are as clear as day. On a good day, you can see over 30 meters deep in these waters. It really doesn’t get better than that. In essence, this guide covers everything you need to know. By the time you read the last word in this book, this guide would have answered all the questions you had in mind as well as questions that hadn’t even crossed your mind. If you are going to buy a guide for your Bahamas visit, let this travel guide be your companion throughout your visit!