Be Heard To Be Rich: Listen To Your Inner Genius - How Being Heard Can Save Lives Heather Shields Editor

Be Heard To Be Rich: Listen To Your Inner Genius - How Being Heard Can Save Lives Heather Shields Editor
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Endorsement for Be Heard to Be Rich:‘You can now HEAR your way to riches and an ever brighter and better future,’-Mark Victor Hansen; Worldwide Bestselling Author, Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Co-Author of Ask! Mark has sold over 500 Million books worldwide.Be Heard To Be Rich - Author Mighty Pete Lonton shares the lessons he has learned and the insights he has gained through some 400 guest interviews in over 1,000 hours in the first year of the ‘Fire in the Belly’ Show and podcast. Mighty Pete shares how we can show that we are listening and know that we are being heard which is one of the core values for us as human beings - we need and want connection and love for ourselves and others.He shares his findings that, for himself and many of the guests on the show, it is in going within and hearing ourselves that we can raise our levels of consciousness to be rich in all areas of life. Mighty Pete will show you how and help you to reflect on your own inner genius.The hypothesis of this book is that we all have a fire and genius inside us. The beautiful fact of life is that we are all on different stages of the journey.‘If you are feeling unheard in life, or are constantly being told that you are not listening by those around you, if you find that you are unable to or have stopped listening to yourself, read this book, Be Heard to Be Rich.How can being heard save lives? ‘Be heard or die’ - this is the point at which from great overwhelm can come great change for many people. Change may be necessary when you decide that good is not good enough and the status quo is not the path or the blueprint for your future. The seeds for your future lie within you but it is up to you to nurture them and let them take hold. Being Heard is the path to Being Rich. In this context your ‘Being’ is your inner most true self that is selfishly complete and is the moral compass by which you are guided. It is this inner most true self that needs to be heard. Many will see the word rich and interpret it as the material trappings of life whereas in this context I am referring to the seeds of love, joy, opportunity and potential within every one of us.Learn how to hear and be heard if you want to be rich in life, deepen your connections, create success, build wealth, and find joy, love, peace of mind and happiness. Whatever you are looking for, learning how to hear ourselves, and others enables us to listen to our inner genius and is critical to your life’s journey and your soul’s purpose of finding itself.‘Mighty Pete