Beef Stew Ala Juan John Marcenek, Jr. Author

Beef Stew Ala Juan John Marcenek, Jr. Author
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21+ years in the making! 21 years of researching, trying, experimenting and mixing different beef stew recipes! There are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years in making this stew. Some seem to smash conventional cooking methods or thinking. That’s okay because rules where meant to be broken and I learned these little-known tips and tricks from top rated chefs and/or cooks. - Beef Stew Ala Juan I grew up with Italians in New Jersey so that plays a big part in my recipes. My first job was delivering sausage for an Italian pork store to restaurants. Ninety five percent of the restaurants I delivered to were Italian. I also spent some time in the Pacific northwest, Nevada, Florida, Tennessee, the Bahamas and I also had the great pleasure of experiencing British cooking firsthand while living in England. All of these experiences and places play a part, consciously or unconsciously, in my recipe ingredient choices. - Beef Stew Ala Juan In 2009, I almost died twice and thereafter became acutely aware of my immortality. Since then, I’ve had a “bucket list” of things to complete before my time on this planet has expired. Getting my “Beef Stew Ala Juan” out to you, your friends and neighbors is one of the things on my “bucket list”. It makes no sense to keep it a secret and have it die with me when so many do and can enjoy it. Not one single bad review, or even a suggestion, in 21+ years of sharing these tips and tricks for fabulous beef stew – just quiet dinner tables, clean plates and many smiles. TESTIMONIALS “It’s also been said that if someone likes or enjoys the meal you prepared for them, there is no talking at the dining table and their plates get cleaned. This happens everywhere and every time this stew recipe is served. Clearly, this is something that will be in your family for many years and provide smiles and enjoyment every time it’s used over the years.” - Beef Stew Ala Juan “I have never tasted beef stew like this. This is the BEST I’ve ever had!” - Mary(Worth noting that Mary was a light eater. Many people accused her of eating like a bird. However, she went back for a second and third helping of my stew.) “You have four more believers! Everyone went nuts over this stew! How did you come up with this!?” - Jerry (Prepared the stew via my recipe and served it to four friends.) “I told Cheryl I was making my famous Jamaican Beef Jerk! You know what she said?! She would rather have some of that beef stew Ala Juan I made a couple weeks ago!” - Jeremy “I don’t understand this. My kids are junk food junkies. They eat nothing else. But they inhale your stew and go back for seconds! I never thought in a million years they would eat something that’s good for you and all natural like this!” - Sharon I only make stews during the cool Autumn or cold Winter months. However, there is something amazing about my beef stew. Last week in Florida, it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit and friends I have in Florida made it to serve four people. In that heat! They made it again the following weekend. I am amazed time and time again at how my beef stew makes people behave! The way people react to this stew is insane! - Beef Stew Ala Juan “This stew is amazing! It has layer upon layer upon layer - multiple layers of flavor!” - Judy