Before You Sleep Amy Martin Author

Before You Sleep Amy Martin Author
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Book 3 of the In Your Dreams series.As researchers close in on a treatment for her boyfriend Kieran’s strange sleeping disorder, Zara Zip McKee is hopeful that she and Kieran will soon be able to stop worrying about Kieran’s condition and focus their attention on other matters–such as the looming college decisions that may force them into a long-distance relationship.But when their friend Cooper Halloran, who shares Kieran’s strange condition, undergoes the treatment and is afflicted with a devastating side effect, Zip and Kieran must decide if the treatment is worth the damage it could inflict on their relationship and their lives.Join Zip, Kieran, and their families in the third installment of the In Your Dreams series as they wrestle with the question of what to do when the cure for a condition could be worse than the condition itself.*Due to language and some adult situations, this book is recommended for readers 13 and up.