Between Two Fires (Alluvial Plains, #2) Daria B. Campbell Author

Between Two Fires (Alluvial Plains, #2) Daria B. Campbell Author
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After living enough tumultuous lifetimes for a dozen men, Gabriel McGonaghall just wanted a calm, semi-normal, domestic existence, and by all accounts, it looks like he might have finally achieved it. At least for the moment. He and Lillian are doing all the things that normal couples do: hanging out with each other’s friends, going to parties, meeting the parents… and above all, they’re trying their best to forget that Gabriel’s feud with Richard Van Cleve hasn’t been permanently settled.Like clockwork, that beast rears its ugly head yet again, and before Gabriel can manage to handle it, everything normal begins to spiral out of control. As if a potentially deadly feud with another vampire wasn’t enough, a very human crisis also arises, leaving Gabriel and Lillian to simultaneously face an enemy he cannot fight with fists nor fangs.While forces on all sides threaten to tear Gabriel and Lillian’s life apart, their friends rally to help, and circumstances bring together an equally unlikely couple: Tara, Lillian’s best friend, seems to have caught the eye of a certain elder vampire. Problematic timing and commitment issues on both sides are no impedance for instant chemistry and connection, and Stefan Smith never lets go of what he wants very easily.With the clock ticking, they must all join together to try and make it through the fire intact. Because sometimes even immortality can’t help when the world starts to burn.Between Two Fires is Book 2 in the Alluvial Plains paranormal romance series by Daria B. Campbell. 160,000 words in length.