Blended, But Not Broken Billy Dee Williams Author

Blended, But Not Broken Billy Dee Williams Author
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Blended But Not Broken reveals that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Two different families coming together from two different backgrounds and two different lifestyles is destined to be challenging. Learning the 1st principle in life with is “Agape,” is the major tool used to blend our family to victory. - What do you do when you don’t get along with the outside parent? - Who does the disciplining? - Is it okay to spend one on one time with my Bio-Child? - What if I don’t like my step-children? These are just a few questions we have asked during counselling sessions over the years. We pray that through reading this book and hearing our behind the scene challenges it will give you some direction and answer some questions. Our goal is to give many families hope and healing to make it through the blending process. It’s all worth it in the end.