Bloodbound Nocturne Amy J. Wenglar Author

Bloodbound Nocturne Amy J. Wenglar Author
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Brand: Amy J. Wenglar
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She was warned about supernatural creatures. If she’d known her mom wasn’t crazy, she might have listened… Sophia Kelly can’t leave home soon enough. Desperate to never hear another word of her drug-addicted mother’s ramblings about monsters, she’s happy to mix it up with a bunch of new friends at college. But instead of escaping her family drama, she runs headlong into an attack by dangerous otherworldly entities. Shocked that her mom’s paranoid warnings were actually on the level, Sophia teams up with a druid and a vampire to figure out why some dark paranormal force wants her dead. But as her two protectors fight over the best way to keep her from harm, she discovers she may be at the center of a terrible prophecy to save the entire Faerie realm. Will Sophia unlock her own mystery in time to prevent a full-blown magical meltdown? Bloodbound Nocturne is the fast-paced first book in the Sophia Kelly Chronicles urban fantasy series. If you like moody vampires, unlikely heroines, and hidden destinies, then you’ll love Amy J. Wenglar’s captivating tale.