Bone Broth Simon Wayne Author

Bone Broth Simon Wayne Author
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Bone BrothThe Bone Broth Guide and Cookbook: How to Lose Up 15 Pounds, Improve Your Health and Look Younger in 21 Days!Food! Food! This is a wonderful subject that rules most conversations. I always find myself engaged in such lengthy talks that will change from seafood to seaweed. I am always attached to the healing foods which bring more health and play a role in weight loss.Fortunately, I grew up in a very wonderful home where we got used to consumption of whole organic foods. Organic mode of eating is a key factor in boosting the health of an individual. Placing aside chemical factories and companies and going natural ensures that we remain healthy and happy always.Of all the food types I use for wellness and body fitness, bone broth is one that is one amazing discovery by humanity as a panacea. Bone broth can be used to heal such diseases like Lyme disease, IBS, leaky gut, sports injuries, SIBO, and celiac disease damage among others.Bone broth is comprised of inexpensive ingredients (water and bones) and preparation is very simple. When you are attacked with cold, you should innately crave for the soup. When tired and you do not have the feeling to chew, run for a sip of bone broth. Bone broth is easy on your digestion.Paleo eating has been on the rise in recent years and has seen the rebirth of bone broth in our eating culture. Though bone broth has not been on the list as a food trend, it has many curative benefits that each individual can enjoy. In this book I will highlight some of the ailments that bone broth can address. It is understandable that kale is a perfect pick to help in boosting your brain and alleviating cancer.On the contrary, many do not appreciate the many diseases that bone broth can work for. Do you desire to tighten your sagging skin? What about the joint pain you experience? Is your body sufficient of essential nutrients like minerals, vitamins and amino acids? Do you want to restore your intestinal integrity? Have the ambition to strengthen your immune system? Do you want to lose some pounds? The answer lies in the use of the strong bone broth.Different bones from different animals have unique traits and different benefits. Many say that you are what you feed on, and that can also imply that you are what your food ate. There a lot of benefits for those animals that are wild, organic and grass-fed.Bone broth preparation is easy and does not necessarily require a recipe. The only important aspects the time consideration. Woe unto those who are not used to sit in the kitchen for more than an hour. But wait! A solution is always there – and that is why slow cookers and pressure cookers are there in the market. To guide you through the preparation of your own bone broth that will make you healthy within 21 days, I will address some of the preparation methods and you will be surprised to realize that it is very easy.