Bone Broth The Total Evolution Author

Bone Broth The Total Evolution Author
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Bone broth can be described as a ‘prehistoric’ food, with archeologists discovering proof that people long ago used to prepared bone broth. It is not a new trend. Making bone broth is actually an ancient tradition that goes as far back as the early Stone Age period. When our human ancestors were discovering fire and how to make simple tools, their main source of nutrition was animals. They may not have made bone broth like we do today, but archeological findings suggest that they had an innate understanding of the nutritional benefits of bone marrow and bone broth. It is difficult to pin down exactly when our ancestors first started to boil bones in water and simmer them with plants and herbs, but what we do know is that bone broth soon spread to all parts of the world. Every human culture, in one way or another, soon made this savory broth a staple of their diet. Today, bone broth has become a major ingredient used by many home cooks to soothe the aches and pains of colds and flus. I is also utilized by top chefs to enhance many types of dishes because of its rich and complex flavor.Here are some of the many benefits of bone broth: It repairs your bone tissue and joints. It improves your nails, skin and hair. It alleviates acne.It boosts your fertility and sexual function. It cures cold and flu. It helps in weight loss.It maintains the wellness of expectant mothers.It strengthens a patient prior to surgery.It helps the body heal after surgery.It helps heal wounds and injuries.It relieves autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.This prehistoric food has inspired us to create this cookbook which teaches you to incorporate bone broth into your diet in many diverse ways. These mouth-watering dishes range from basic soups to breakfast meals and sides. Bone broth does not have to be boring or plain. There are endless combinations that you may use to add flavor to your diet and to heal what ails you.Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn A brief history of the bone broth diet. How bone broth has evolved and why it’s back with a bang!How bone broth fits in with the Paleo diet.Why you should drink bone broth if you want to live a long and healthy life.The micronutrients that make bone broth a dietary powerhouse.Delicious bone broth recipes ranging from soups to smoothies, sauces to breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes.And much, much more! Tags: bone broth diet, bone broth recipes, bone broth cookbook, bone broth benefits, beef bone broth, chicken bone broth, fish bone broth, turkey bone broth, bone stock, health and wellness weight loss recipes, chicken soup, chicken soup recipes