Book of the Sky God, Volume 1 Laura Markowitz Author

Book of the Sky God, Volume 1 Laura Markowitz Author
Categories: Soups, Noodle
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The clock is ticking down to the Day of Judgment. The gods are on their way back to Earth and they’re not particularly happy with the mess humans have made of the planet. A powerful secret society is preparing to steal the gods’ divine power and enslave the rest of humanity. In the meantime, eleventh-grader Ram Rajathani needs to figure out why his best friend, Henry Lipton, is acting like a zombie. Ram’s younger sister Laila may have a book of instructions for saving the world, but she has no idea how to read it. His older sister Nina isn’t afraid of gods, but she’s totally annoyed by Ram and desperate to make friends for her senior year. Nina’s lab partner, Katie Chase, would really like to know who put the cursed iguana in her locker. These five unlikely teens race against time and across two continents to save the world. The fate of humanity rests in their hands. No biggie.