Brazen (Reformed Rakes Novella, #3) Amy Sandas Author

Brazen (Reformed Rakes Novella, #3) Amy Sandas Author
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A rake known for his seductive charm marries the one woman determined to resist his brazen smile.Braden Fulke, the Duke of Melbourne, is a devil-may-care rogue and a shameless charmer. Rebelling against the day he must marry a bride chosen or him when he was a boy, he refuses to take life’s pleasures for granted. But when his Scottish betrothed tracks him down in London, he is surprised to find her so formidable…and so lovely.Moira Dunn has no desire to marry the bold and rakish duke, but she has a responsibility to fulfill her duty as the lady of Dunnwood. She proposes a compromise—handfast to each other for a year and day, which will fulfill their commitment under the betrothal, then go their separate ways.Though passion flares easily between them, Moira is determined not to fall in love with her temporary husband. Can a brazen rake convince his resistant bride that there is more to their marriage than desire?