By His Grace Amy Lowery-Lopez Author

By His Grace Amy Lowery-Lopez Author
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Brand: Amy Lowery-Lopez
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Amy’s story is about beating the odds against cancer, even when the Doctors are saying you don’t have a chance. How trusting God, even in the most challenging times, even when it’s facing life and death. How faith is rewarded when the deck is stacked against you, God still has the last word - period.How ones world can come crashing down - yet it isn’t over, till God says it’s over. The Cancer has metastasized, and invaded your body and the Doctor’s news is grim. How when it looks like it’s over – God show up and show out. When it should have been Amy’s worse time, ends up being her best time. How beating the odds doesn’t mean just getting by, but overcoming in such a way, you know it can only be the hand of God moving. This story chronicles Amy’s story about a miracle and how nineteen years later, she is still sharing her story. Helping others beat death and cancer, and sharing the beauty of God’s grace…..