Captured On Corregidor MaryEllen Simmons Author

Captured On Corregidor MaryEllen Simmons Author
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This book contains the story of my stepfather Ferdinand Sebastian Wolpert Junior, also known as POW #382, who was known to all as Ferd.One day I saw him going through an old shirt box full of newspaper clippings. Noticing the War Department heading on several pages, I knelt beside him and began peppering him with a barrage of questions.Were you in a war? Which one? Were you a prisoner? Where is Corregidor? Did you escape? What is a Silver Star?During the years he was alive, I often asked questions here and there about his war experience until it became too much.Ferd didn’t tell anyone about his POW experiences. His story laid buried inside the dilapidated shirt box for decades which contained two small diaries.These diaries are a record of an 18-year-old boy that survive three and a half years as a POW in World War II.The diaries have been kept away and buried over the years, but now in my possession the urge to share them with the world has been growing with each passing year.Who knows, maybe his recordings might help someone find closure or new insight they were seeking.Either way, the persistent tap on my shoulder has to be Ferd, silently encouraging me to share what he kept secret.I hope you find what you’re looking for inside, Captured On Corregidor.