Cerridwen Sean M. Campbell Author

Cerridwen Sean M. Campbell Author
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Brand: Sean M. Campbell
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Cerridwen awoke into eternal darkness. Not even the simplest of sensations could be felt. As madness closed in, out of the lonely millennia, a voice came into her mind. Those simple words held the insanity at bay. Then, the voice promised her the most amazing thing. The voice promised her they would give her senses. She would be able to see and hear.Donald lived a normal life, as a normal man. Then, on the thin chance he would make someone proud of him, he hit the submit button for an application.The next step in humankind’s journey into the future was about to start. The United Countries of Earth had decided to attempt the first interstellar journey. If, SASA could find the right man, and get an AI to work.On the edge of failure, Cerridwen was born.On the edge of desperation, Donald applied.Then, on the edge of the future, they came together.No one could predict the path that future would take.