Chester and Artemis (The Umbrella Chronicles, #1) Amy Quinton Author

Chester and Artemis (The Umbrella Chronicles, #1) Amy Quinton Author
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Now Available on All Reading Platforms! Beastly duke seeks confident , no, ANY, woman who doesn’t faint at the sight of his scars. Prefers not to leave the house to find her.England 1814There comes a time in every bachelor’s life, when his good-natured but meddling sister gets it into her mind to play matchmaker. And in every occasion, they contact none other than Lady Harriett Ross, self-proclaimed Motley Meddler, the Mistress of Destiny, and Wielder of the Infamous Umbrella.Enter the Duke of Eastly. A man with just such a sister. He has scars, thinks society is nonsense, and prefers to stay far away from any and allshenanigans. But he could never resist his sibling, who tells him a sorrowful tale of woe, of a dear friend’s shy plight ahead of an important auction at the Frost Fair of 1814. No worries. He has the perfect solution. Help is on the way!Enter the aforementioned friend, Miss Artemis Synclaire. The precise opposite of timid and shy. And as such, she won’t stand for the Beast’s asinine solution. She’d rather dine with an elephant (which could actually be arranged) than deal with a man such as he.Can two such stubborn people bend enough to discover they’ve found their perfect match?——*Chester and Artemis’s story originally appeared in the Bluestocking Belle’s 2020 Boxed Set: Fire & Frost. This new standalone version has been edited and updated with never before seen deleted scenes.Rated for Mature ReadersThis book is a delightfully bite-sized short story.