Code of Federal Regulations Title 50, Volume 11, October 1, 2015 Office of the Federal Register Created by

Code of Federal Regulations Title 50, Volume 11, October 1, 2015 Office of the Federal Register Created by
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50 CFR Parts 228 to 599 continues coverage on the National Marine Fisheries Service within the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Department of Commerce.In this volume, you will find information on Fisheries and Wildlife, Marine Mammals, Fish and Seafood Promotion, Whaling Provisions, United States Standards for Grades, Capital Construction Fund, Aid to Fisheries, International Fisheries Regulations, Fisheries Assistance Programs, Fishermen’s Contingency Fund, Endangered Species Committee, Application Procedure, Information Security, Implementation of the Privacy Act of 1974, Transfer of Marine Mammals Management Authority to States, and more.Marine biologists, Fisheries biologists, Wildlife biologists, Zoo/aquarium caretakers, Environmental educator, Park rangers, Hatchery technicians, Wildlife area managers, Zoologists, Wildlife Firefighters, and Veterinarians may refer to this volume for successful implementation of the processes and regulations.Code of Federal Regulations Title 50, Volume 11, October 1, 2015Containing parts Parts 228 to 599Part 228; NOTICE AND HEARING ON SECTION 103(d) REGULATIONSPart 229; AUTHORIZATION FOR COMMERCIAL FISHERIES UNDER THE MARINE MAMMAL PROTECTION ACT OF 1972Part 230; WHALING PROVISIONSPart 253; FISHERIES ASSISTANCE PROGRAMSPart 259; CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION FUNDPart 260; INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATIONPart 261; UNITED STATES STANDARDS FOR GRADESPart 270; SPECIES-SPECIFIC SEAFOOD MARKETING COUNCILSPart 296; FISHERMEN’S CONTINGENCY FUNDParts 297-299; ReservedPart 300; INTERNATIONAL FISHERIES REGULATIONSParts 301-399; ReservedPart 400; ReservedPart 401; ANADROMOUS FISHERIES CONSERVATION, DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENTPart 402; INTERAGENCY COOPERATION-ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT OF 1973, AS AMENDEDPart 403; TRANSFER OF MARINE MAMMAL MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY TO STATESPart 404; PAPAHĀNAUMOKUĀKEA MARINE NATIONAL MONUMENTPart 424; LISTING ENDANGERED AND THREATENED SPECIES AND DESIGNATING CRITICAL HABITATPart 450; GENERAL PROVISIONSPart 451; APPLICATION PROCEDUREPart 452; CONSIDERATION OF APPLICATION BY THE SECRETARYPart 453; ENDANGERED SPECIES COMMITTEEParts 454-499; ReservedPart 500; ReservedPart 501; IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PRIVACY ACT OF 1974Part 510; IMPLEMENTATION OF THE FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ACTPart 520; PUBLIC AVAILABILITY OF AGENCY MATERIALSPart 530; COMPLIANCE WITH THE NATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY ACTPart 540; INFORMATION SECURITYPart 550; ENFORCEMENT OF NONDISCRIMINATION ON THE BASIS OF HANDICAP IN PROGRAMS OR ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED BY MARINE MAMMAL COMMISSIONPart 560; IMPLEMENTATION OF THE GOVERNMENT IN THE SUNSHINE ACTParts 561-599; Reserved