CookBook: Chicken Recipes: Art of Eating Raymond Ross Author

CookBook: Chicken Recipes: Art of Eating Raymond Ross Author
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Do you love chicken as much as we do? Are you tired of eating ordinary food? Did you always want to become family MasterChief? Are you trying to impress your date? My book will become your best solution! Just do&ngrave;t waste your time and get CookBook Chicken Recipes at the best price and start surprising your nearest and dearest with perfect cooking! We all know how healthy and yummy the chicken meat is. Main benefits: 1.High in Protein - great source for muscle growth and weight loss! 2.Prevent Bone Loss - perfect meal for elder people. 3.Strengthen our Heart Health - due to amino Homocysteine. 4.Rich in Phosphorus - your organism will be grateful! 5.Metabolism Booster - encourages weight loss. This book contains recipes for every member for your family! Here are just some of them: -Chicken Breast with Tomato and Oregano -Baked Wings -Chicken Soup -Baked Chicken with Potatoes -Chicken Breast with Four Kinds of Cheese -Baked Drumsticks with Eggs…and many more! This book is created to ease your life and to cook delicious meals with no difficulties. All you need is a pan, baking tray and some ingredients or spices and a smile on your face! Moreover, every recipe includes an information about nutrition values - perfect for people who monitor their daily amount of calories! Hurry and buy the best Chicken Recipes CookBook at the best price! Start impressing your family and friends with healthy and delicious meals today!