Crock Pot Chicken: Recipes & Beginner Instructions Kathy Burns-Millyard Author

Crock Pot Chicken: Recipes & Beginner Instructions Kathy Burns-Millyard Author
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Chicken is cheap and a crock pot is a work of magic for busy people. Now you can get the best of both world’s with this book. Learn the basics of crock pot cooking and get 40 different scrumptious chicken recipes to boot. Illustrated with color photos and formatted for e-reading devices. * Section One: Crock Pot Basics o Slow Cooker Basics o Pantry Staples for Crock Pot Cooking o Potluck Creations in the Slow Cooker o Slow Cooked Soups and Stews o Chicken in the Crock Pot o Pork in the Slow Cooker o Slow Cooking with Beans * Section Two: Chicken Recipes 1. 4 Hour Chicken and Sweet Potatoes 2. My Little Chicken Dumpling 3. South of the Border Chicken Corn Tortillas 4. Stew That Chicken Slow 5. Creamy Mushroom Sauce Chicken 6. Chicken Gravy Heaven 7. Italian Chicken and Broccoli 8. A Touch of Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken 9. Cheesy Chicken Soup 10. Angel Pasta Chicken 11. Chicken Ala Barbecue 12. My Favorite Chicken Rice 13. Swiss Chicken With Stuffing 14. Little Italy Chicken and Spinach 15. Sweet Cranberry Chicken 16. Lemon Pucker Chicken 17. Dilly Chicken Noodle O 18. Overnight Spicy Roasted Chicken 19. Squash Chicken 20. Honey Me up Chicken 21. Pizza Style Chicken 22. Just a Peach of a Chicken 23. Smooth and Creamy Chicken Surprise 24. Taco Chicken 25. Bacon Wrapped Garlic Chicken 26. My Favorite Salad Dressing Chicken 27. An Apple a Day Chicken 28. Hot and Spicy Chicken Soup 29. Mexican Corn and Bean Chicken 30. Mushroom Chicken Pate 31. Sweet and Savory Chicken Stew 32. Louisiana Style Chicken 33. Sunshine Chicken 34. So Simple Spicy Wings 35. Chicken with Onion Celery Dressing 36. Hodge Podge Creamy Chicken 37. Honey Chicken for Two 38. Asian Chicken in a Crock 39. Marinated Artichoke Chicken 40. Lemon Chicken and Cauliflower Soup