Digital Espionage Louis Porter Jr Author

Digital Espionage Louis Porter Jr Author
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Digital Espionage expands the world of cyberspace for d20 Modern even more! The use of computers and computerized network systems in the last 20 years has changed how everything is done in this new age of information technology. Breaking into a computer system has become as common place in this new information age as drinking a glass of water. The ability for anyone from the age of 10 to 99 is becoming skilled in the use of computers and with that anyone can learn the skills to hack into any type of computer system. Computers like characters can be customized to do the most generic and simplistic things to computers that can do very complex, very specific goals. If you need to gain access to find out how much money the lead drug dealers in the world have or how to make homemade chicken soup, some computer somewhere has that information. The new rules created in this sourcebook are intended to be compatible with the standard rules for D20 Modern, and you can easily integrate them in to your local game. In this sourcebook there are: • New rules for Accessing / Hacking into a Computer Network System. • Rules for Programming Options with 4 New Options • Rules for Altering Terminal Files And Records, Analyze Logs, Bouncing Your Hacking Connection, Bugs In Programs, Create Record, Control Slave, and Programming. • Nearly a dozen all-new Computer Terminals and systems including Series P6 Terminal and Virtual Reality Suit. • 7 All-new Operating Systems including an Advanced Artificial Intelligence Operating System. • Nearly 30 Computer Terminals Modifications including Fiber Optic Circuitry, Laser Modem and Removable Hard Drive. • Over 70 All-new computer programs including Attack v1.0, Force Crash, Pig v2.0 and Skeleton Key. • Nearly 20 All new Feats including Code Optimization, Co-Op Hack, Improved Firewall and Multiple Firewall Hacking. This sourcebook is just the sort of thing needed for GMs to add depth to any great d20 Modern campaign world, including Haven: City of Violence and Haven: Full Metal Zero.