Fire up Your Healing: A Journey to Restore Relationships and Health Donna Hartley Author

Fire up Your Healing: A Journey to Restore Relationships and Health Donna Hartley Author
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Heal Now … Heal Later … Heal at Death … Heal …If you’re overwhelmed, it is your time to become healthy. Survive and thrive! Fire Up Your Healing! will help you heal your body, soul, and relationships. The true-life journey continues for Donna Hartley as she faces her past and lets the healing begin, but life-changing events alter her path. She must heal with her mother in a nursing home, her father in a courtroom probate battle, as well as her relationship with her brother. She recalls the words of George, her mentor, who adamantly advised her that someday she would have to release her anger and heal with her mother, father, and brother. Can she forgive the alcoholism, the violence, and the indifference? What Donna doesn’t foresee, even after coming to terms with her family dynamics, is that her journey doesn’t end there. After receiving a surprising diagnosis, she must come to terms with the fact that she will have to overcome advanced melanoma. Can she survive so that she can raise her 6-year-old daughter? Her mentor mystically appears in the hospital to give Donna a shot of spiritual adrenaline and the courage to face down the deadly disease, and at last brings healing into her life.DONNA HARTLEY is an inspirational speaker, a member of the National Speakers Association, and the founder of Hartley International. Her presentations have captivated audiences worldwide and she has been featured on NBC, ABC, PBS, and in The New York Times. Her stories have been published in the Chicken Soup series and the Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul series. The former actress and Miss Hawaii now lives in Lake Tahoe with her daughter Mariah and her Himalayan cat. For more information visit