Inn the Business Amy Marano Author

Inn the Business Amy Marano Author
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Brand: Amy Marano
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Emoldina or Emy for short lost her mother at a young age and went to live with relatives. Not getting the love she deserved, she dreamed about having something to call her own. Imagine her surprise when a letter arrives for her telling her of her long lost deceased Father’s Grandmother’s passing. She learns that she is to inherit a decaying inn.Emy has a secret that she never told anyone. She can see things. Strange, wonderful creatures that lived among humans. It could be her imagination but who cares. Now with this inn, she finds out about a world that is Unknown to human kind. A world that is wonderful as she finally gets her own place that she can belong to.Danger catches up to her as she finds out that her Grandmother was murdered. Who would do such a thing? Better question, is she next?