Overcoming The Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead With Confidence Kris Kelso Author

Overcoming The Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead With Confidence Kris Kelso Author
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Offering entrepreneurs and leaders a practical look at “impostor syndrome,” leadership consultant Kris Kelso explores that inner voice that downplays our own accomplishments while amplifying those of others. Kris gives readers powerful tools needed to expose The Impostor’s methods and emerge as more effective and confident leaders. Of the many challenges successful entrepreneurs and business leaders face, none may be as damaging or difficult to conquer as silencing their worst critics—their own negative nagging inner voices. If you’re a leader, innovator, or entrepreneur who’s ever told yourself … “I’m not supposed to be here …” “I only got lucky; but that leader has the real talent … ” “I don’t deserve an award. It should go to that other person …” “One of these days, everyone’s going to figure out that I’m in over my head …” … then you’ve met The Impostor who denigrates your own competencies while praising those of others. But, The Impostor’s voice doesn’t have to dominate your life or hold you back any longer from reaching your goals. Dealing with The Impostor is a mind game that you can win!In Overcoming the Impostor, Kris Kelso breaks down how founders and leaders can recognize impostor syndrome in their own lives. He gives practical ideas for silencing their inner critics and offers attainable solutions for effectively overcoming and defeating The Impostor. With reflection questions at the end of each chapter and practical how-to tips, Overcoming the Impostor gives you the tools and techniques to: Change your thinking and lead with confidence Disarm the inner critic and silence the nagging voice inside your head Shift your perspective on what defines failure Identify when The Impostor has been at work in your life and career in the past Manage effectively The Impostor’s appearance in the future See how The Impostor makes you feel unique for all the wrong reasons Understand how The Impostor leads you to self sabotage Recognize how fear of failure, not asking for help, and comparing yourself to others invites The Impostor’s influence Understand how community and vulnerability play vital roles in helping you succeed Use the 3 Ps—Progress, Passion, and Purpose—to define your success Create ten new habits that will help you overcome The Impostor Freeing yourself from the influence of The Impostor is not a one-time event; it’s an ongoing effort. You have to change the way that you think, make some conscious decisions that are not natural or comfortable, and step forward even when you’d rather stay in the background. Overcoming the Impostor is a practical guide for starting your journey toward freedom from the beliefs that hold you back and keep you down. It’s time to embrace the clarity and confidence needed to change your life and take your career to the next level.Praise of Overcoming The Impostor“Kris Kelso has discovered the keys to fighting off your own worst enemy—the critical voice inside your head. Every entrepreneur should read this book.”—DR. TOM HILL, author of Living at the Summit and Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul“In Overcoming The Impostor, Kris Kelso pulls back the curtain on an entire generation of executives, entrepreneurs, and seemingly successful people who see themselves as impostors and who fear being exposed. With killer clarity, he identifies the symptoms and consequences of living with impostor syndrome and is generous with tried and true strategies to not only combat the inner critic, but to actually use it to your advantage. A must read for any business leader!”—HUNTER ATKINS, chairman, Synovus Bank Nashville“Kris is an authentic entrepreneur and author who’s not afraid to share his own experiences around this vulnerable topic of feeling like an impostor. This book reminded me that we all feel like this at some point. Most importantly, Overcoming The Impostor gave me practical advice and confidence that I can apply to tell those little voices in my head to shut up. A fantastic and quick read that will have a lasting impact on your personal and professional life.”—JESSICA HARTHCOCK, CEO and co-founder, Utilize Health