Ponopono and Lola: Learn Mindfulness María Badenes Ramón Author

Ponopono and Lola: Learn Mindfulness María Badenes Ramón Author
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In these times when, thanks to the universe, we are all beginning to discover spirituality as a concept of a better and happier life. The be alert would be a way of seeking spirituality individually or with our family without having to go to any monastery or church to find it. It’s something that all of us can grow or cancel it, but everyone, absolutely everyone, can experience it without being helped by any priest, lama, teacher, or any of its variants. It is a way to become aware of our reality, giving us the opportunity to consciously heal our stress, pain, illness, loss or any challenge of our lives. It helps us regain our inner balance in body, mind and spirit. We develop a greater capacity for discernment, compassion and empathy. This practice will open the door to new possibilities, it brings us to the here and now invites us to live a life fully and in the present. All this translates into happiness, self-esteem, love for our fellowmen. Practicing Mindfulness with our children is a unique experience that will transform the way you interact with them forever.