Pressing the Attack Martina Sprague Author

Pressing the Attack Martina Sprague Author
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The Formidable Fighter Series is a series of booklets for martial artists desiring to learn the concepts that create formidable fighters in the training hall, competition arena, and street. Each booklet is between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length and includes fighting scenarios, training tips, and illustrations. Pressing the Attack, the fifth booklet in the series, is approximately 45 pages long deals particularly with how to create a winning strategy by taking charge of the situation and learning how to dominate the opponent physically and psychologically. Since the advice is not style specific but explores the underlying concepts of personal combat, it is applicable to students of most martial styles.Pressing the Attack includes discussions and exercises on how to establish dominance, close the distance, control the “fighting pocket,” pursue the opponent, press for positioning, press the long-range kicker, press the grappler, and press in defense.Thucydides, an ancient Greek historian, said: “Peace is best secured by those who use their strength justly, but whose attitude shows that they have no intention of submitting to wrong.” If you follow the instruction and tips in the Formidable Fighter Series, you will learn how to develop your physical strength and mental tenacity and triumph as a fighter in the training hall, ring, and street. Formidable Fighter: The Complete Series, a compilation of all previously published electronic books in this series, is now available to a great reduction in price in both electronic and print format. The book is a variation of the previously published book (now out of print), Combat Fitness for the Elite Female Martial Artist, also by Martina Sprague, revised to be particularly suitable also for the male student.