Real Steps Tammy Gangl Author

Real Steps Tammy Gangl Author
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Welcome, Step Parents, to REAL Stepfamily Help! If your searching for Real, practical, everyday help for yourself and your stepfamily, then Real Steps is for you! This workbook has been written to guide your stepfamily towards building a Biblical, solid stepfamily foundation that fully supports every unique member of your blended family through the use of positive tips, practical tools, and proven, time-tested solutions! During this eight-week study, you will not only gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how God specially shaped every member of your stepfamily, but you and your spouse will also learn to build your own strategies for overcoming tough stepfamily issues, such as: establishing a Godly balance between your roles as a parent and as a spouse, disciplining all of the kids in your home, both step and biological, fairly, overcoming feeling like an outsider inside your own home, being rejected by a step child or an extended family member, and recognizing and conquering common faulty blended family expectations, along with many more issues. This workbook was specially designed for use by individuals, couples, or small groups, and was written by real step parents who transparently, and many times humorously, share what they did right, what they did wrong, and what they still can’t believe they tried! However, what really sets this workbook apart is the exclusive highlighted sections written by step kids that give you their real perceptions on handling and understanding the unique challenges faced by your own children. With this workbook, a little time, some thick skin, and maybe even a few other step couples, you will soon find yourself and your blended family leaping common stepfamily pitfalls, well on your way to building a Godly foundation that will last using strategies designed specifically for and by you!