Ruthie's Daughter: A new state. A new restaurant. What can go wrong? Amy Denson Author

Ruthie's Daughter: A new state. A new restaurant. What can go wrong? Amy Denson Author
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Maryssa Lavalier is an up-and-coming chef. She’s opening a new restaurant and living in a new state. What can go wrong? Before turning thirty, Maryssa buried her mother, retired from a successful ballet career, began culinary school, earned a coveted internship under a world-renowned chef, and served as the maid of honor when her cousin Haddie married the President of the United States.She has had a busy few years. Now, Maryssa is moving to West Virginia, where she will open her own restaurant on her family’s vineyard. She has a slew of gentleman admirers, an unexpected babysitting job, a crazy manager, and a tight timeline. On top of everything else, she has been nominated for the coveted Geoffrey Barton Rising Star Award. Maryssa is excited and overwhelmed…….and surrounded by her mother’s family. The Marchio family has held more funerals than weddings lately. According to spunky matriarch Nunnie Mary, the family that prays together stays together, but how much togetherness can one family handle?After losing her husband, sister, and daughter, Esther Marchio Robinson wants to move back home to live until she dies. Relentless in his loyalty, her son-in-law Beau Baker and her granddaughter Chloe move to West Virginia with her. Together they navigate school bullies, old flames, and one crazy girlfriend.Nunnie Mary has a full house on the family farm, a full heart, and is full of advice for her large brood.Journey with the next generation as they weave their own stories. Love, laughter, loss, and longing are all intertwined to craft the tapestry of the Marchio family legacy.A Vineyard Seeds Book(Inspired by the book of Ruth)