Sacred Sensual Living: 40 Words for Praying with All Your Senses Amy Masterman Author

Sacred Sensual Living: 40 Words for Praying with All Your Senses Amy Masterman Author
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Sacred Sensual Living: 40 Words for Praying with All Your Senses is a lush yet practical guide for how to use your senses to create a life that feels satisfying and soulful. As you explore the 40 Words - such as Daybreak, Honey, Dragonfly - you’ll learn how to use the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures around you every day to reconnect to your sensual self, one delicious moment at a time. This will help you feel empowered to live as your true self and show up in the world and shine.The format is a lyrical collage of experiential exercises, actionable wisdom, 45 images, personal stories, and uplifting quotes. You’ll be prompted to look at your life through the lens of the sacred, the sensual, and everyday living. Then, you can immediately incorporate what you discover into your days via the 80 experiential sections. These are organized into nine categories including: Sacred Sensual YOUEngage Your SensesSensual MindfulnessSacred Sensual FlavorsTouchstonesJournal JazzSensory MeditationGolden MomentsSacred Sensual InspirationsThe tools and techniques in Sacred Sensual Living will help you master the concepts, and lots of delicious examples offer hundreds of new ways to savor simple sensory pleasures. You’ll learn how to:live intuitively so you feel calm and confident when making decisions and taking the next sure-footed steps on your pathdevelop luscious self-care habits that nourish your body-mind-heart-spiritbanish chronic doubt, fear, and guilt, and kick the not enough time/money/love mindset to the curb once and for allpursue your passions so you can live in your natural flowmake your life into a work of art by finding new ways to receive creative inspirationset the stage for Golden Moments by weaving more beauty and pleasure into everyday activitiesThere’s nothing more important than living as your true self.Now more than ever, self-awareness is vital. If you’re not in touch with your inner wisdom, you can easily get dragged along by circumstances. This leads to fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Sacred Sensual Living shows you how to reclaim control over your own experience - anytime, anywhere - by consciously engaging with every day sensory pleasures. Instead of feeling stuck and hopeless, you’ll cruise along in an inspired flow of grace and compassion.There is a separate Guided Journal that’s a companion to this book. As you explore the book’s practical wisdom and delicious sensory adventures, use this thoughtfully organized Journal to record all of your insights and inspired ideas. Use it as a reference as you continue to design your Sacred Sensual life. Engage your senses, savor your soulful life.